Press Release

OUTDWELL is dedicated to development of self-expression and the appreciation of high-quality products. Each concept and ideas are based “being yourself”. New materials and shapes are developed into collections that reflects on our identity, including the most used materials, denim and wool. The price is authentic and of uncompromising quality that are built to last. It is important OUTDWELL embraces the innovative techniques and the hand craft that bring designer's vision to life. The ideas presented are always hip hop and celebrate a strong and rebellious point of view. OUTDWELL takes inspiration from Music, Art, Film and photography in equal measure to traditional sartorial methods, advanced natural and synthetic materials, and handwork.

Who is the Creative Director and the origin of Outdwell

The Creative Director name is Oscar Lee, born in 2002 and raised in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. The creative director loves fashion as he is able to bring his own creation to life. Which brings Oscar to the birth Outdwell, Oscar Lee was lost and vulnerable once he graduated, which led him to create Outdwell. Creating Outdwell is a statement to himself and everyone else, to show that it's okay to be lost, confused and vulnerable. It's never too late to find yourself.

The purpose of Outdwell is to show that hip hop styles can be different, it can be modern yet styled as an everyday outfit. Outdwell's misson is to inspire younger audience to stand out and express themselves in their own way, to be comfortable in their own skin so they could gain a self-confidence and to inspire hip hop artist to follow a new design trend.

Why Hip Hop?

The creative director does not define his designs as hip hop but he is heavily inspired by it. Why? Hip Hop comes in all sorts of form, Music, Rapping, MC, Dance, Art, Graffiti and Fashion. Hip Hop is a way to get away from life and to be who you want to be through the examples mentioned above. Hip Hop fashion is flexible for performing, everyday outfit and showing who you are as a person.

Meaning behind the name and logo

Satying beyond is the literal definition of Outdwell. Which brings Outdwell down to the topic of my logo, you'll notice that my logo resembles 01 and O.L. why the number 01 is because the creative director wants his audience to always be number 1 to themselves. As of O.L, It's his initials Oscar Lee. Which also Outdwell's tagline, “what is your value”. It can be a question or a statement depending on how you see it.